CD Release : Leantalachd

Tanssilouhi is glad to announce to release of Vincent’s first Harp solo album : Leantalachd : continuity.


Three long improvisations based on the Cycle of life


1. Caillin : the Maid: a woman standing by her mirror, about to marry remembers when she was a lassie, careless and joyful, wandering in the herbs and singing loud songs.

2.Mathair : the Mother. Love. unconditional. nourishing the Soul.

3. Cailleach : the Crone : An old granny in her kitchen, cooking one of those recipes they have the secret of, between cooking and witchcraft….speaking of her youth, when all was better, of course……then the Story swells and reveals the Power of the Crone : the Story Telling that can change the world by remembering it when it was not yet born……

The album can be ordered by email : and costs 15e ( p&p included)

Miroir: duo with Timo Väänänen….

kantele and singing
dance, singing and improvisation
MIROIR proposes a reflexion, with dance and music as story-tellers.

As the silvery stream of music was leading her on, twinkling gently, as the stars were shining coldly and brightly, as the moss crisped under her footsteps, she walked away… her head was full of the things she had left behind, full of people she would remember, always, forever…

Her father had been alarmed and demanding, while the mother was weeping; their daughter had to leave, right now, among the others, she had to leave that little place in the middle of nowhere where she was born, that little place of comforts and security, her home, for they were coming.

She was to walk south, among the others, and reach the city were she would be safe, or so her father thought, for they were coming.

He didn’t say anything about coming back.

Ignoring the shivers of the night’s cool draughts, among the others, she was walking. Some of them were weeping like her mother. She wouldn’t weep. She felt sadness and anger at her sudden departure because of these others who were coming, yet she wanted to show how strong and silent she could be. She was no weak little woman. She had to show them, even if the uncertainty of her immediate future was casting dark and heavy shadows into her heart.

An old woman, ancient and shrivelled, who came along with them had screeched and whizzed a spell so they could cross the woods unseen and unharmed. She had joined her young voice to hers, holding hands. The loitsut she could understand, loitsut were strong, familiar  and reassuring, loitsut were acting.

So they walked away, crossed the marshy swamps, the silent forest and the cool plains to the south, down and south…

Walking on the music’s rhythm, walking as the loitsut rolled on and on, the rhythm on the music, the music of the words, the power of voice and the charms of her people, the beat of the drum and the stamping of the feet, the heaviness of the night and the anguish of departure, the fear of unknown and the fright of the invaders, the shine of the stars and the glow of the nights, the borders and the waters, the land and the island, the new and the foreign, the settling and the going away, the meeting and the loving, the weeding and the womb, the child, the motherhood and the new home, on and on, on and on…

Miroir: Vincent Michaud & Timo Väänänen

The universal story of the Travels of people, when  war comes to Karelia or any other place, and makes people move away, weeping for the past that will never be again and welcoming the future that brings the hopes of a new, better life.

Based on structured and constructed improvisation, in the meditative Karelian style, this duo is a new modern appropriation of the traditionnal story telling, along with the ancient Runo traditions, Maanitus music and dance…